About K and R Digital Media Forensic: Digital Forensics, Video Enhancement, Audio and Video Forensics, Video Redaction, Digital Forensic Examiner and more.

K and R has over 41 years of experience (at KnR.net) in commercial music, audio, staging, electronics design, acoustics, photography, radio telephony (W8KNR), film, television, security systems and video gives me an unparalleled edge. Local, State, Federal and International courts use my forensic services from recovery of broken device media and Audio-Video-Photo restorations to complex spectral graphic voice identification, cell phone data examination, and courtroom testimony for both plaintiff and defense.


About Ken

For 41 years I have managed K&R Digital Media Productions where I gathered extreme understanding of how computers, audio and video functions in a production environment. That’s critical knowledge needed to apply current digital forensic methods.

I understand the complexities, including the science, acoustic and electrical design of how digital media works. I was doing forensic work long before it was considered a service or had a title.

Do You Have the Right Expert?

Thanks to technology, which is becoming ever more sophisticated, law enforcement, prosecutors as well as defendants can now uncover, control, and present all types of digital media evidence.

However, gathering, properly analyzing, and interpreting digital media evidence is a job best performed by digital media experts that understands the electronics, science, and technologies.

At K&R Forensic, Ken has the capabilities and expertise to work with authorities when it comes to presenting, interpreting, consulting, and testifying on computer, mobile devices, radio telephony, body worn camera’s, audio and video evidence. With over 41 years of business experience in the field of computer and covert electronics designs, audio and video productions at KnR.net, and providing Forensic Services, (See Clients) Ken’s skills have grown just as technologies have become more sophisticated.

Ken is constantly studying current proven forensic methods, electronics and digital audio and video technologies to be the finest in what he does.

He maintains a membership in the AES (Audio Engineering Society), the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that connects him with current and advanced technology. And he holds a full privileged amateur radio license that qualifies him to testify on radio communications.

The simple black and white analog technologies from the sixties have given way to today’s complex digital wonders—and all the while Ken’s mastery of them has kept pace, assuring you of a strong, authoritative consultation and testimony that will stand up well against cross examination.

Do you have the right expert???

What I Do For You

Objective Forensic: Voice Identifications, Suspect Tracking, Cell Phone Data Analysis, Acoustic Analysis Noise control, Video/Audio and Picture Clarification, Synchronization of Video, Authentication, Covert Electronic Design, Credible Testimony, Presentation Development, Seminars, Training, Litigation Support and Strategies, Computer Security, Data Extraction, Espionage Tracing, Transcription, Copyright Infringement, Spoliation, and more.

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