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Forensic Consultants

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Ongoing Training

You cant learn to ride a bike by reading a book. In a mock trial I get to interact with real judges and attorneys. Talking to experts in other types of forensics helps me too. I just finished a two day CEU seminar in Dallas "How To Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition" taught by Sreven Babitsky. Click here to see the certificate.

Foley & New Music

I had an animation studio, Filmworks. We came in on a Saturday morning. Then your musicians made a sound track for the hodge podge Filmworks demo reel. We did Foley, wild noises, I sang, women screamed and we had a soundtrack. What a blast working with you Ken. You made a whipped together reel work that others couldn't do. .

Lecture @ CAP

I gave lecture on how I caught Prosecution submitting fabricated files in a self-defense case. DVDs need to be checked before accepting them in court. To get a pdf copy click here.

Brian Prain Says:

This is a letter from attorney Brian Prain. It is testimony to how I address my clients needs. To get a full size readable pdf copy click here. Please call him. His number is on the letterhead.


This is a letter from an advertising agency. Jerry Silecchia once owned "Ambiance" on Oarchard Lake, a competitive studio, but chose to finish and do his projects at K&R.

Boys & Girls Club

I was commisioned to provide a digital signage company an ad for the Royal Oak Boys and Girls Club of America Chili Cook Off that played in networked signs in the metro area.

Farm Crop Dispute

A recording was made of a conversation where farmers negotiated the planting and harvesting of crops and the splitting of profits and costs. It needded enhancement and clarification.

Circuit Court

John O'Brian of the Oakland County Circuit Court had a very difficult case that I resolved with an audio video enhancement and a playback in the courtroom.

Church Needs

A church needed vinyl signagge. We made sure that we got it done on time and for at cost prices.

Windows in Excel

I was asked to produce a video to use in a promotions and sales meeting. A sample can be found at KnR.net/WatWeDo4U.html Cut and paste this into your browser.

Ligget Schools

I am always inspiring students who are interested in learning about audio and video recording techniques. I produced a Power Point presentation "How Audio and Video Can Change The Outcome Of Your Case" Hollywood Revealed! It is free for law officials.

Oakland U Thanks

I was the first to introduce the concept of teaching audio at a university. Both Oakland and Wayne had me develop a two semester curriculum. Basic recording was MUS351.