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Lectures and Publications

This is a chronologic list of speaking engagements and publications as well as classes and training. This new page is being populated as fast as I can get the details. Started 12-22-15

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Ongoing Training

You cant learn to ride a bike by reading a book. In a mock trial I get to interact with real judges and attorneys. Talking to experts in other types of forensics helps me too. I just finished a two day CEU seminar in Dallas "How To Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition" taught by Sreven Babitsky. Click here to see the certificate.

Foley & New Music

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Boys & Girls Club

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Farm Crop Dispute

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Circuit Court

John O'Brian of the Oakland County Circuit Court had a very difficult case that I resolved with an audio video enhancement and a playback in the courtroom.

Church Needs

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Windows in Excel

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Ligget Schools

I am always inspiring students who are interested in learning about audio and video recording techniques. I produced a Power Point presentation "How Audio and Video Can Change The Outcome Of Your Case" Hollywood Revealed! It is free for law officials.

Oakland U Thanks

I was the first to introduce the concept of teaching audio at a university. Both Oakland and Wayne had me develop a two semester curriculum. Basic recording was MUS351 and advanced was MUS 353.